Dreamt for Light Years (2010)

Work created for Scottish Dance Theatre’s choreographic platform ‘Under Construction’

Through the prism of a disintegrating relationship, Dreamt for Light Years explores the nature of change as a motor in our lives. The weighing of decision is seen through the female perspective as the work creates both a meditative, reflective space and a quietly intense and poignant atmosphere, charged by the shifting dynamic of two protagonists trying to reconcile the pull of different magnetic poles. Dreamt for Light Years was presented in venues across the UK and received invitations from the 'TanzArt ostwest' and 'theaterszene europa' festivals in Germany and 'Il Giardino delle Esperidi' (Italy). Dancer James MacGillivray was nominated for his performance in Dreamt for Light Years in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Dance Performance by Article 19 in 2011.


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