Yvonne Strain

BSL Interpreter

BSL Interpreter/Performer, Yvonne Strain has an extensive experience as an interpreter for performance, with a particular focus on BSL integration for dance and contemporary theatre. She has interpreted over 250 different productions, including Caroline Bowditch’s critically acclaimed Falling in Love with Frida. She is a regular collaborator of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s BA degree in Performance in BSL and English and has curated and delivered skill building sessions in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland, and has been Access Advisor for Joan Clevillé Dance, Company Chordelia and choreographer Marc Brew amongst others.

Other Collaborators

Eve Ganneau


Matthias Strahm

Costume & Set Design

Nicole Guarino


Luke Sutherland


Ella Hickson

Dramaturgy advisor

Emma Jones

Lighting Designer and Production Manager

John Kendall


Emma -Jane McHenry

Audio Describer