Antigone, Interruped (2020)

What do you do when the state becomes the oppressor? Would you put your body on the line? What is the value of disagreement in contemporary democracies?

Using his distinctive mixture of dance, theatre and storytelling, choreographer Joan Clevillé is developing Antigone, Interrupted, a new intimate solo work with performer Solène Weinachter. Taking the Greek myth of Antigone as a point of departure (and informed by the recent social and political unrest in countries like Catalonia, Turkey or Venezuela), the piece will follow the story of a young woman who disobeys the law and puts her body on the line in order to defend what she thinks is right.

The work will examine the notion of dissent in the context of contemporary democracy and explore how the body (and in particular the female body) can be the target of oppression but also a powerful tool for resistance and civil disobedience. Building on Joan’s ongoing enquiry around breath, voice and movement research, the work will reinterpret the ‘multi-disciplinary’ character of ancient Greek theatre, which combined song, dance, ritual and performance. By placing the audience in a circle around the dancer, Joan is interested in emphasising the body’s vulnerability and interdependence with others, as well as exploring alternative ways to engage with and watch dance.

Premiere and tour: Spring 2020 under the Scottish Dance Theatre banner

The R&D of Antigone, Interrupted supported via South East Dance and Jerwood Charitable Foundation Dramaturg in Residence programme.