Achilles I/II (2015)

Achilles II is a physical meditation. A wordless dialogue between a man and his demons, set to the haunting music of Heinrich Biber’s ‘Passacaglia for violin solo’. Originally created with the support of Scottish Dance Theatre, the first version of the solo was premiered in 2013 during the RepNet Hothouse choreographic showcase at Skånes Dansteater, (Sweden). Since then, the piece has been revised and presented in several international platforms, including TanzArt ostwest Festival (Giessen, Germany), Resolution! (The Place, London) and the International Solo Dance Contest / Gdańsk Dance Festival (Poland). The piece is a meditation around the notions of struggle, violence and resilience. It explores the notion of 'hero' and the ambivalent character of the mythological figure of Achilles, related to both strength and vulnerability, to both public and private spheres.


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